about me

I am convinced that data can bring us closer to the truth. Coming from academia I bring rigorous thinking and deep analytical skills to business that I combine with clear communication and focus on solutions to make data research projects contribute to company success.

I work for Emarsys where we build an online marketing platform that automates personalized online marketing communication. Leading the data research team of 3-6 data scientist I can contribute to the company’s success by asking relevant questions, uncovering patterns and relationships using real observations about the world, and explaining complicated stuff in an intuitive way to turn findings into product.

My background is in economics. Currently, I am a PhD Candidate at the Central European University. My research focuses on measuring causal effects, mostly in the field of labor economics. I am interested in how we can use advanced machine learning methods to improve the standard econometric techniques of estimating treatment effects. My latest research project aims to eliminate the estimation bias inherent in the causal effect estimators of multi-armed bandit algorithms. For more details, please look at my research page.

I am an occasional speaker of the local data scientist community (see talks), and have more than 5 years’ experience of teaching at various institutions (Central European University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Mathias Corvinus Collegium, and Rajk László College).

If you want to know more about me, please look at my resumé.